Class of 58 Reunion

Here's the agenda for our 60th (2018) Class Reunion:

tenatively Thursday, July 26th thru Sunday, July 29th

Your ideas for this 60th reunion are solicited. Should it be something special? Please call or email Dave Matzen at 812-618-8054 or
or, use the "Contact Us" form (on the menu above).


Manny: "Ever go to a high school class reunion?"

Moe: "Nah, they're just for the same old snobbish cliques from High School. Who needs it!?! Are we all adults here, or what!"

Jack: "Yeah, they're just a dumb pissing contest created by the more successful ones so they can show off once a year."

Truth-be-told ... adolescent cliques are a normal part of social development. Almost everyone participates, and you probably did too. Whether you realized it or not, you very likely also had a cicle of friends and associates who shared your interests and concerns. So you didn't see yourself as being one of the "popular kids" ... so what! That was then; this is now. We're all in our seventies ... nobody's "popular" anymore!

Truth-be-told ... as for personal achievement: "We are all eventually forced to face ourselves as less than we'd hoped to be." ... a great line from "Miss Julie"; a recent British drama.

No excuses. Just plan on coming. Your old friends do want to see you again ... even those who used to be "popular".