Who's been here, and what were they thinking! (Share your comments)

Judy Secory   08/04/2015

This years reunion time was wonderful(2015). I had not been for several years and it was uplifting and filled with I can't wait for next year and hope more and more of the class can make it. Also, I have moved to Lawrence Kansas and my email has changed. Just thought I would update the information. P.S. Thank you Gene for the wonderful job you have done with this website.

Gene Warner   09/27/2013

Re: the recent passing of David Robertson, the farewell sermon that he preached at the Orchard Lake Community Church on the occasion of his retirement in 2010 includes many remembrances that might be of interest, and has been archived here.

Wanda Gringhuis Anderson   06/24/2013

How nice to read something positive on the computer! Great times, old friends, super memories of days when times were simpler. God bless you all.

Marlin Bensinger   08/05/2010

I really wanted to get to the 50th. Work always seems to win out. We are growing super hot peppers in southern New Mexico for the food, pepper spray and fiery food industry. The pepper industry has taken me around the world for the last 40 years building plants and assisting local farmers. Seems like only yesterday we graduated from GHHS. Wouldn\'t change a thing. Life has been a big adventure. Wish we had email back then. Being out of touch with old friends for all this time hurts.

Rusty Schaubel   08/03/2010

Our 2010 reunion (52 years??) was a great success thanks to many hardworking classmates. Canoeing, golf, the reunion and pizza party were all extremly well organized and a lot of fun for all who participated. The best thanks we can give those workers is to take part in what they have planned. Hope to see more people next year. Thanks again, Rusty

Jean Myers   05/22/2010

I used to have a penpal called Nancy Talguist in the 1950s and wonder if this is the same Nancy. I still have a silver bracelet and chalet moneybox she sent me. My greetings to her family. I now live in Edinburgh, Scotland but used to be in Leeds

Gene Warner   09-14-2009

A big "Thank You!" to all those who planned and hosted this year's reunion events — good times, and great opportunities for old acquaintances to become new friends.

Richard Ruiter   08-30-2009

My latest tests show no indication of cancer. It has been a long nine months but things look positive for right now. Sorry I can't join you in Sept. I have a family reunion that week end. My best wishes to you. (Message forwarded by Dave Matzen.)

Ronald King   08-09-2009

I graduated in '59 and this was a nice site to come across. My GH 50th is Sept. 26th and I am flying to MI for it. Thanks for the site.

Janet (Blaksley) Lasko   07-13-2009

Thank you Gene, for creating this site. Am looking forward to this years reunion. Being able to play golf last year with classmates was a plus as it will be this year. See you in Sept.

Bill Rowell   07-13-2009

Gene: Great job on the web site. Thanks from those of us who have difficulty with our computers. To the rest of the class, I want to say how much I enjoyed our 50th reunion and how I am looking forward to our get together this fall. I am saddened to hear that more of our classmates have passed. My thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends. Take care all until we meet again.

Jim Eggert   07-13-2009

Sorry I can't make this years activities because of Bobbie's reunion. But keep me in touch of what's going on.

Rita (Gallagher) Rouwhorst   07-13-2009

Every 13th of the month during the summer a group called the Brown Baggers meets at Pottawatomie Park at 11:30 am. Anyone who has graduated from Grand Haven High School is welcome bring your own lunch and enjoy some fellowship.

Gindy (VanZylen) Barnard   09-27-2008

Thanks to everyone who sent me get-well wishes. My life is back to "normal" except for the physical therapy! Looking forward to another reunion!   Gindy

Mary Hutchison Belisle   09-10-2008

Gene, thanks so much for setting up this web site, it is so enjoyable to look at. Also thanks to the ones that sent me the tee shirt and book about our class. Sorry I couldn't make it to the class reunion, looks like everyone had a ball.

Sharlene Porter Moore   09-09-2008

Great site Gene..Thank You. A great tool to help us keep in touch. It was a great reunion thanks to so many.

Gloria & Lou Draeger   09-06-2008

Gene, Thanks for setting up our website. What a great way to stay in touch with everyone. Looking forwardto next September's activities.

Dave Matzen   08-23-2008

Added details about kick-off events for our 51st year have been posted on the News page, which please see.

July Fischer   08-22-2008

Gene, thank you so very much for setting up this web site. Also thanks again to the committee for such a wonderful 50th Reunion weekend!!! We had a wonderful time. Judy Fischer

Gail Reisterer   08-22-2008

What a wonderful idea. Even computer dummies like me can use this site. It will be fun to keep in touch. Ahuge thanks to the reunion committee for the fabulous weekend. It was great to see everybody and catch up on each others lives.

Pat McGinty   08-22-2008

This is a great web site, so easy to use. Thanks again to all who helped make the 50th reunion a great big success. Any thoughts on when the next big reunion will be? Thanks for setting up this site.

John Ennenga   08-22-2008

Great Job Gene!! This will be a special enticement for all of us to stay in touch. Congratulations to the reunion committee for a job well done. A special thanks to Bob and Dave for the that great DVD!!! Another memory, was the fitting finale at FRICANO's where we've all said goodnight before. John.

Gindy (VanZylen) Barnard   08-22-2008

What a great site and so easy to use! Thanks for your work! Sure wish the 50th Class Reunion could have lasted for a couple more days ... I didn't even get to see everyone on the committe who did such a great job.

Judy Secory   08-22-2008

To all that attended the 50th reunion ... what a wonderful weekend. The reconnections were incredible ... the committee is to be praised for a job "well done". Hope to hear from many of you.

Robert J Miller   08-21-2008

Our fiftieth Reunion was a fantastic success thanks to a great many of our classmates. We will meet again in September 2009 to keep firm the renewed ties we have established. Please pray for our classmates who are no longer with us.

David Matzen   08-16-2008

What a great site developed by Gene Warner. Gene thanks for providing a wonderful opportunity to link to all our classmates.